Bigbang and infinite will be living next to each other

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It seems that two of the hottest male idol groups, Big Bang and INFINITEmay be running into each other more frequently in the future for they’ve moved their dormitories to the same apartment complex!
According to the report that has surfaced, the two groups moved into an apartment complex in Hapjeongdong Mapogu, Seoul around the same time period.
A music industry insider revealed, “Big Bang and INFINITE moved their dormitories to the residential-commercial apartment complex in Hapjeongdong.” The insider also added that there are other groups who are thinking of changing their dorms as well, commenting, “Besides Big Bang and INFINITE, there are other idol groups that are currently considering moving to different dormitories.”In addition to Big Bang and INFINITE, various singers and comedians also have moved or are planning to move into the same apartment complex, making it the next ‘hot spot’ for celebrities.

Source: allkpop 

More About this incident

After searching about this sasaeng fans incident I found this:

A Korean Inspirit posted on her korean blog about how there is this sasaeng fan who entered Infinite’s dorm. Infinite can’t sleep because she is entering and hitting and pinching them.

She pinches them so she can have a part of their skin, and she hits them so that she can know for herself that she actually hit them.

There is a sasaeng fan of Sungyeol that knows his phone number. Whenever he scores a high score on a cell phone game, she texts him saying "You got a new high score? Good job!".....Think of how scared Sungyeol may be right now.

She also stole one of his sweaters and posted it on her twitter but Inspirits found her out and now she deleted her account.


Sungjong and Myungsoo were exiting a building, and suddenly Sungjong was stampeded by the fans while Myungsoo was in front. Myungsoo looked back, and came back to get Sungjong. Myungsoo grabbed Sungjong's hand and pulled him out of the crowd saying "I told you to follow me well! You wanna die?" (with a very serious face).

She would wait in Infinite’s waiting rooms and steal phones and clothes (L and Dongwoo’s names are thrown here). But since Infinite is quite high level now, she moved on. She’s 21 years old, apparently. Now since Dongwoo is active again, she always comes to music stations to see him (next target?).

Source: gurupop


1. When Infinite used to live in their old dorm ( the very small one from “sesame player” ) after “Be Mine” got popular, a saesang entered when they were sleeping and took some clothings of theirs.

2. When they moved to the dorm featured in “A Birth of a Family”, a saesang fan pretended to be a resident in the apartment and entered the elevator together with Myungsoo/L. Myungsoo had a instinct feeling that this girl was a saesang, so when the floor for Myungsoo arrived, he gave her his usual fierce stare and cocked his head a bit. When she saw that, I guess she felt a bit scared and ended up not following him. But as he was going into the house, she yelled “The fans should know of this kind of behavior toward your fans!” and ran off.

3. Now, Infinite moved to a new apartment, and recently, some saesangs again took their clothing and took pictures while they were sleeping. Also, it is reported that they do this when Infinite leaves the house vacant. After that happening in their new house, no matter how best they tried to keep the saesangs away, Myungsoo and Sunggyu cried.

4. When they went to Japan, some saesang fans in Japan entered the hotel room and stole some articles of clothing/items. They are in Japan. They are tired. They should be able to sleep peacefully and get some rest without all this stress.

5. Infinite had to apologize multiple times to the neighbors near their dorm because the saesang fans were being very loud. That is the main reason why they have to keep moving; the saesang fans leave trash and other things in front of the dorm, so neighbors end up filing complaints.

6. A saesang fan came too Woohyun’s brother, Boohyun’s restaurant and was being roudy, loud, disrespectful. Boohyun couldn’t possibly yell at the girl, because it would disturb other costumers, so he ended up posting an apology on the online site of his restaurant. 

7. All during the day, saesangs are always outside, trying to take a picture of something they are doing. Saesangs usually stay hidden, that is why normal fans cannot spot them all the time. Most of them secretly take a picture of them sleeping.

Source: gurupop

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  1. aishhh.. sasaeng fan.. please do not disturb Infinite.. PLEASE!

  2. so sad :( omg can they stop :( i wanna cry. So harrassing OUR infinite. :D

  3. she is really annoyed! I hate her!

  4. I've always wondered do the survive i mean you spend most of your time stalking a celeb how do eat where is your money coming from. I'm talking about those who never got their hands on clothes or other stuff they could sell