INFINITE's Sungjong Says Toughest Part About Busy Schedules Is "Not Getting Sleep"

On December 10, INFINITE held a press conference for their reality show program "INFINITE's Showtime" at the CGV theaters in Seoul.

One reporter asked, "What's the hardest part about filming for 'Showtime'?" and Sungjong answered, "Not getting enough sleep."

Sungjong continued, "We're still on our world tour and filming a reality program on top of that really gives us no time to sleep, making all of us a little bit more sensitive. There is really nothing more than that."

"Even if we don't get sleep, we're just happy that we're able to have a world tour and to film for 'Showtime'," he added.

[NEWS] 151008 INFINITE’s Sungyeol Is Full of Aegyo While Filming “D-Day”

INFINITE‘s Sungyeol brought out his cuteness while filming JTBC‘s drama “D-Day.” 
On October 8, the “D-Day” staff posted some behind-the-scenes photos of Sungyeol. His warm gaze and playful poses just shows how much of a jokester he is on set. 
In all of the photos, he’s staring straight into the camera and he even plays peek-a-boo while resting in the ambulance. 
He doesn’t seem to be able to sit still when he’s on set as he curiously touches props and plays doctor with a nearby person. He’s so playful that he makes a lot of people laugh when he’s filming. 
The drama staff stated, “Sungyeol is very passionate when filming ‘D-Day.’ You can tell that he is when you’re on set with him. During free time, he makes other actors and staff laugh with his aegyo or continues practicing his lines.”
You can catch more of Sungyeol in “D-Day” which airs every Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. KST.


[STARCAST] L’s way to love abandoned cats

Someone says,

don’t let your left hand know
what your right hand is doing.


the sharing becomes
bigger when you share.

“I’ll go first” (L)

“Stop sweating”

“Is it nice, kitty?”

‘INFINITE’ L got one day of vacation. However, he returned that precious vacation to volunteer work for abandoned cats.
‘Dispatch’ met L from abandoned cat caring center ‘Butterfly’ on September 20. To be honest, I had prejudice about L.

“Are you all black?”



It only took 5 seconds for L to change his look. He took off black look as soon as he arrives. And get changed into ‘Blue Angel’ t-shirt. He looks better than ever, right?

“I am interested in abandoned animals. But I had no time to do volunteer work due to tight schedules. I came here as soon as I get vacation.” (L)


“I’m a Blue Angel”


His eyes looking at the cats are sweet. He looked into abandoned cat with sorrowful eyes. But there is no time to fall into sentimentality.

Soon L concentrated in working. He had to clean up something(?) that was in front of him. They were pieces of shits.

“Is it too many?”

All cats excrement gathered one place. It is a toilet for 60 cats. You can’t imagine how bad it smells! However, this guy, does not hesitate. He just pick them up

① First, take big pieces.

② Then separate sawdust and pellet (wood to place on the toilet) from the filter.

③ You just have to mix new sawdust into pellet!

By the way. It’s too real. L didn’t care about the camera and just worked hard. It was 100% real place of sweat. He just showed sweet smile to cats only.

“Where are you watching?”

“Eager for softie cat”

“Sweet eyes like honey”
Shall we start the second work?

The fresh and clean environment is important for abandoned cats. L starts to sweep the floor with a broom. The vacuum cleaner is not available! Cats are sensitive to sound.

“Sweep and sweep”

“Here and there”

“Good work”

“Sweating like rain falls”

He didn’t let one piece of dust to remain. He repeated sweeping and throwing. However, cleaning is not over until it’s over.

“Started cleaning the window frames”

“Am I clean?”

“Clean. Meow.”

All of sudden, all cats started cry out. It’s because L started feeding.

“Distribution starts”

“Plenty of affection”

“Eat a lot”

“Combing is a service”

The name of a cat L is holding is, ‘Sansung’. 4 months old but it got cerebral palsy. He had to feed Sansung by syringe.

“Sansung keep weigh on my mind. I feel pity about him because he’s too small. It’s really sad that he has not much days left to live. I hope him to be well again like a miracle.”

“Food for Sansung”

There’s only one thing left to do.

The toughest job which is carrying the feed. There were feed for cats for 1 month. The thing is? There is no elevator

“The experience of life”

“Good work, L”


Singing L is awesome. But sweating is more beautiful. Therefore I prepared L’s close-up photos. And I added special story with them.

“I have a cat ‘Byeoli’ at home. He’s alone when I go for work. So I’m preparing to adopt abandoned cat. To make him a friend.

“But deciding abandoned cat adoption must be done carefully. It is irresponsible if I just adopt it because I feel lonely. I’m trying to learn how to raise cats more through volunteer work.”

“I feel embarrassed but I’m sharing my talent. I like taking photos. I’m thinking about to send my photos of abandoned cats to animal magazine. ”

“Will you come back, L?”

Article = Im Soo Ah (Dispatch)
Photo = Park Eun Young (Dispatch)