Facts about Sung Kyu (김성규)

  • Sunggyu was in the school band named 'Beat' at Jeonju National University High School.
  • Sunggyu asked Sungjong "Do you know H.O.T.?" He said that he didn't know.
  • Sunggyu has an older sister who is five years older than him.
  • Sunggyu has never thought of anything else but being a singer.
  • Because Sunggyu's parents rejected his dream as an Idol, he practiced in secret and didn't stay at home.
  • When Sunggyu first told his parents about his dream as an Idol, they rejected it and his mom wanted him to have a normal live.
  • Sunggyu's best body part is his hands.
  • Sunggyu has attentive personality
  • For Sunggyu love is 1st, then friendship, fame and money.
  • Sunggyu will feel mad when the boys keep playing around during practice time.
  • Because Sunggyu laughs a lot normally, it's strange for him to be mad.
  • If Sunggyu become the #1 searcher term on the internet, he'll be laughing with the members. and he'll have to screen-cap it for proof.
  • Sunggyu has a very sensitive skin and he has allergy to metal.
  • Because Sunggyu does his job so well, even the managers do not need to give him additional instruction.
  • Sunggyu has a weak heart. So, he cant stay mad as long.
  • Sunggyu knows simple Chinese especially in Greetings.
  • If SungGyu had any supernatural power it would be teleportation.
  • Sunggyu enjoyed Elle Garden and Muse but he mostly sang or rapped.
  • Sunggyu's band mostly played hardcore music like Pia, Linkin Park or Limp Bizkit.
  • Sunggyu was in the school band named 'Beat' when he was in Senior High School.
  • Sunggyu's biggest reason for singging with WoollimEnt is because of Nell.
  • Sunggyu said that all of INFINITE members listen to him.
  • Learned Chinese language for 5 years.
  • He doesn't snores when he sleeps.He eventually doesn't have any sleeping habits.
  • Fastest member who learn the scorpion dance.
  • For Physical abilities, he picked Hoya as the strongest member.
  • Sungyeol, L, Sung Jong, and Himself picked Sunggyu as the one with highest I.Q.
  • He picked Sung Jong as the cutest member and L as the most handsome.
  • Sunggyu picked Sung Jong with the best figure while Woohyun as the wittiest.
  • Sunggyu wants the CEO's heart to be his.
  • Habit is showering with hot water.
  • Favorite Japanese celebrity is Aoi Yu.
  • The song that Sunggyu want's to sing to his Girlfriend (if he had one) is Clazziquai's "She is".
  • During trainee days he hate the most is Woohyun. But now Woohyun is the one he trust the most.


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