Other Facts about Infinite

  • All of the INFINITE members lost weight during the making of their EVOLUTION album.
  • Scorpion dance real name is budding dance.
  • All of INFINITE members likes Mitra Jin more than Tablo.
  • The boys almost didn't debut under the name Infinite, but rather under a name like Supersonic, I-pop or Blackberry.
  • It took two hours to shoot the rain scehe for Come Back Again MV, and the boys were singing live at that time.
  • Although the shooting of You are My Oppa was ended long time ago, but untill today the boys still make contact with Jiae.
  • As the boy all live together and spend all day together, they don't even have to look into each others eyes to know each others thinking.
  • The boys call Sunggyu as an Old Boy and other members are young boy
  • All the boys treat people older than them so well.
  • The member who is the cleanest among the boys is nobody. So the cleanest one is the manager. 
  • The boys do the laundry by themeselves in teams: (Sunggyu, L & Hoya) and (Sungyeol, Woohyun & Dongwoo)
  • The boys learned the choreography by watching a video of themeselves dancing.
  • The boys bought an alarm clock that is very loud but they haven't been hearing it from a certain point on because they're so tired.
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