Facts about Woo Hyun (남우현)

  • Woohyun passed the audition by singing Stevie Wonder's Lately.
  • Woohyun's favorite soccer player is Lee Donggook. 
  • Woohyun has an older brother who is two years older than him.
  • Woohyun, Myungsoo and Sungyeol share a room (before) but now he share with Sunggyu.
  • If Woohyun wasn't a singer, he would've become an athlete or a chef.
  • Woohyun's parents were not happy about his decision became an Idol, but he worked very hard to show them his passion.
  • Woohyun doesn't look out standing from the beginning, but more U look at him, his charming is gradually blooming.
  • Woohyun wants to learn how to appear well in variety show from MC Yoo Jaesuk.
  • Woohyun wants to learn piano.
  • Woohyun 1st love in 11th grade.
  • Woohyun participate the 6th "hello star" competition.
  • Something that Woohyun does before sleeping is sending a text to his parents.
  • Woohyun is starting to influence Sungjong and it makes Sunggyu worry.
  • Woohyun favorite song is Kim Bumsoo.
  • Woohyun will feel so bad if he had a 1:1 talk with the Boss.
  • The 1st thing that Woohyun wants to do when he gets GF is Look at the winter sea.
  • Habit that Woohyun needs to fix is lying


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