Yoo Jiae is not Yoo Jia

Yoo Jiae and Yoo Jia is Different person, Yoo Jiae is Infinite sister inYAMO (You’re my oppa) and Yoo Jia was in infinite Be Mine MV..
They have a different name too YOO JIAE and YOO JIA.. i know it’s a little similar, but i think you all can see that,right?
                                                                     This is Yoo Jiae..

                                                                 And This is Yoo Jia..
She’s a flirt” Full audio and Full MV will release on 18th Jan.

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Dongwoo's childhood

“He was sitting down and it was summer… and he would just pee on the floor. After he would pee on the floor he would splash it around with his hands and then put his hand in his mouth.”  - Dongwoo’s Mom (120114 ‘Birth of a Family’ Episode 10)

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Letter From Myungsoo's Mom

“My son, are you doing well? You’re really surprised, right? My Myungsoo, Ever since you were young you didn’t get into trouble or do anything bad. Mom still isn’t used to the fact that you’re a celebrity. It feels like I’m talking about someone else.. Someone who’s shy and a bit old-fashioned, aren’t you sometimes swearing clothes that don’t fit? Instead of always being proud, I worry because my  heart is stuck on some words you once said. Also to the 7 friends who will go into the working life… I would like you not to be like members who only trust and depend on each other, but become like real brothers…- From the mom who loves her 7 sons

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Birth of a family - INFINITE CUT

"You're my oppa" Episodes w/ English Subs

‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘

INFINITE‘s L will make his acting debut in a new drama, Shut Up Flower Boy Band.
The drama will air on cable channel tvN after the completion of Flower Boy Ramyun Shop.
As the cable channel seems to be using the idea of ‘flower boys’ in their recent dramas, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’ will tell a story of a rock band with a more rugged style. A drama representative stated, “This drama will become a drama with a different flower boy atmosphere than the one shown in ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop’. It will show the appeal of a rock band of young boys.
Along with INFINITE’s L, the cast also includes boys who auditioned in tvN’s audition program, Oh Boy Project.
The drama will air its pilot episode on January 30th. But check out the trailer in the meantime!

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Infinite L Cried

INFINITE member shed some emotional tears after reading a letter from his mother.
During a recording for an episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Birth Of A Family‘, L who saw his mother for the first time in a long while left everyone on the filming set in tears.
L’s mother had come to the INFINITE dormitory along with Dongwoo‘s mother to cook traditional ‘rice cake soup’ for the boys in celebration of New Year’s.
But the way Dongwoo and L reacted when their mothers walked in the door was completely different.
Dongwoo who is the ‘maknae of his family showed his mom some ‘aegyo‘ by giving her kisses on the cheek as soon as he laid eyes on her, while L who is the eldest in the family remained quiet and reserved.
L who normally does not express his inner emotions maintained his distance, so much to the point that the mother who was expecting a warm welcome looked very obviously hurt and disappointed.
But once he read the letter that his mom wrote for him, L suddenly burst into hot tears and his mother and his members who were watching also began tearing, as well as each of the staff members on set.
This episode of ‘Birth Of A Family’ airs on January 14th at 5:05PM KST