Facts about Sung Jong (이성종)

  • Sungjong has a brother who is three years younger than him.
  • Sungjong home town is in Gwangju, in the Jeolla province.
  • Sungjong is a student at Jeoju Arts High School. 
  • Sungjong slammed the door a couple of times when Woohyun tried to ask him to do something.
  • Time when Sungjong thinks that he look good is when he's looking in the mirror after showering in the morning.
  • Sungjong is super photogenic and he can spot camera anywhere.
  • Sungjong eyes is the best part.
  • A thing that Sungjong dislike the most is Woohyun when he's lying.
  • Sungjong loves Michael Jackson's songs 'Beat It' and 'Ben' the most.
  • Sungjong wanted to keep the desert fox on Comeback Again MV as his pet.
  • Actually the maknae usually take care with the dishes.
  • You can't force the maknae to do something bcz it's gonna make you crazy hearing his grumble.
  • For Sungjong biased, i suggest you to learn how to make a tasty kimbap.
  • 1st thing that Sungjong wants to do when he gets a GF is eating kimbap that his GF made.
  • Sungjong sometimes think that he is more pretty from the other girl group member.
  • The reason why Sungjong never update his twitter again after his 1st tweet because his notebook is broken.